Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hi guys, this blog has been a long time I have but this is first time I post a first posting. My name is Annisa Agustin Suryani, but my primary school friend call me Anis, my junior high school friend call me Nisa, and my senior high school friend call me Caca. Whatever you want call me. Now I'm in 12th high school.

My life is about Family, Friends, Writing, Fashion, Fashion and Fashion. But I never complain about any mistakes just I feel themselves.

My family consists of my dad, mom and my little brother. I love them
My friends? I always laugh when I remember them, we have group. We call Otong's Generation. Otong's Generation consists of Neri , Rahma , Yuli ,  Nadya , Dody , Nina , Lisda , Tinus , Lisa and certainly me . We are bestfriends, never sad,cry,and always fill our days so happiness.
My hobby? Yes I like writing. I hope my first novel will be published.
FASHION? I LOVE IT !!! It's make me feel happy ! I can fit shirt with pants or a skirt and of course shoes and handbag. I don't like lines and polka-dot line pattern. I love dress and mini skirt ! I do not always wear branded clothes, most importantly I'm comfortable with that clothes and in this blog I will share and tell everything about me, a little girl who won't grow up. ENJOY THE SHOW !

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